Guy also known by his well-known name Jet Pack Guy is an Elite Penguin Force Agent in Club Penguin Reversed. He used to work at Penguin Secret Agency until the Penguin Secret Agency merged and joined the EPF. He is always seen carrying his jet pack, his preferred form of transportation and his glasses, which he almost never takes off. Jet Pack Guy is shown to be very thoughtful and tactical, as such he is the tactical lead of the EPF along with Rookie.


Jet Pack Guy is loyal, determined, and self disiplined. He is shown to have a lot of courage and is quite resourceful. He loves his Jet Pack. His goal is to become a great EPF agent. 


  • Jet Pack Guy is one of the few penguins who can wear two items of the same category at once, The Jet Pack and Black Tie
  • Before the FISH became a catalog, we can see Jet Pack Guy reading the FISH throughout the PSA missions.