The Beach is a coastal area in the southwest corner of Club Penguin Reversed Island. It is bordered by the sea, and is a popular place to relax, due to it being fairly quiet. Whenever Rockhopper visits the island, his ship, The Migrator, always docks here


Like most beaches, the Beach is a fairly un-decorated place, near the Lighthouse, there are several objects, a number 6 buoy, some nets, with a rope attached, and a box full of many grey fish. Near the Dock entrance, there are 2 beach chairs, and a green bucket and pink shovel. At the bottom middle of the beach, there are 2 starfish and clams.


  • If you hover over the bucket and shovel, it will fill up with snow, and once it's full, it will make a "snowcastle", hovering over said castle will destroy it, and the process repeats

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Praia
French Plage
Spanish Playa
German Strand
Russian Пляж