Aunt Arctic, also known by her Elite Penguin Force codename and title, The Director, is a famous news reporter and the editor in chief of Club Penguin Times. In addition to the informative roles that come with being a news reporter, Aunt Arctic offers her services to the Elite Penguin Force to organize and plan operations so that they, with their efforts combined, can protect the island from threats like Herbert P. Bear.

Ask Aunt Arctic

Ask Aunt Arctic is Aunt Arctic's advice column located on the lower right-hand side of Club Penguin Times. The column answers many questions submitted by penguins with names crafted in relevancy to the question


Aunt Arctic is optimistic and organized, and tries to make the best out of any situation. She can become friends with almost any penguin. She enjoys her puffles and loves her job at Club Penguin Times. She is also very smart and helpful through her advice column in the newspaper. As the Director of the Elite Penguin Force, she is very serious, secretive, and well coordinated.